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RAI was incorporated in the state of Oklahoma in 1980. Over the years we have grown exponentially to become the largest refractory anchor manufacturer in North America. We manufacture a full range of anchor products for all industrial refractory applications. Our distribution system includes a corrosion protection product line, stainless needles, expanded metal wire mesh products, nuts, bolts and various high temperature / corrosion resistant metals in the form of rod, wire, angle, plate and bar stock.

Steel / Foundries

Much of our exponential growth can be attributed to our outstanding service and quality. We are well known for emergency "on time" shipments 24 hours per day, 7 days per week through our phone 800.331.3270 or 918.455.8485. Our Customer Service Department tracks all orders in a fashion that is Pro-Active to provide you with real time order status prior to shipment and immediate follow-up with shipping documentation and certifications.

The steel industry uses nearly every product we manufacture or distribute. We work with many steel producers on blanket agreements by providing consistent product a fair negotiated price. Applications include Blast Furnaces, Re-Heat Furnaces, BOF's, Tundishes, Runner Troughs and Covers, Ladles, Annealing Furnaces Electric Arc Furnaces and Ore Processing

Petro - Chemical

Our Products are consumed in Reformers, Regenerators, Fired Heaters, Flairs, Boilers, Thermal Oxidizers and various process equipment associated with Plastics Ammonia, and Eleylene and Alcohol production. Our extensive line of abrasion anchoring systems includes Hex Metal and innovative design such as the Curl Anchor and K-Bar.

Cement / Lime / Minerals Processing

Refractory anchors are consumed within Rotary Kilns, Pre-Heater towers, Coolers, and Burner Pipe. Many two of our corrosion products are specifically formulated to protect Kilns and Pre-Heaters for thermal oxidation and corrosion.


The power industry encompasses a variety of applications dependent on plant design. Fluidized Bed Boilers and Ash Hoppers are the two main areas that consume refractory anchor products.

Corrosion Protection

RAI is a leader in providing dew point corrosion protection behind refractory. We offer both solvent and water based asphaltic mastics that are specified in heating equipment throughout the world. In addition, RAI offers a complete line of epoxy coatings and metal fillers labeled under the COMBAT trade name. In addition, KilnCoat 2100 degree oxidation reduction coating that is applied directly to steel surfaces that see exposure to hign heat.



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