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Refractory Anchors

Refractory Anchors (RAI) Specializes in the Manufacture of High Temperature Alloy and Stainless Fasteners Used to Anchor Refractories in Furnaces and Process Equipment.

RAI refractory anchor hardware is wire formed,die stamped, roll threaded and welded into a variety of anchoring products for castable monolithic, abrasion resistant and ceramic fiber refractory linings.

Refractory Anchors

Full line of Refractory Anchoring products and fixings. Contains anchoring systems for Monolithic Refractory, Firebrick, Gunite, Shotcrete, Ceramic Fibre and Fireproofing. Manufactured from 304, 310, 330, 321, 316, Inconel 601, 625, HR-160, C-276, 800H, MA253 and high alumina ceramics ceramic. Available in custom designs.

Abrasion Anchors

Stainless Steel anchoring systems designed specifically for high abrasion applications includes Hexmesh, Curl Anchor, K-Bar, S-Bar, Punch Tabs and Hex Anchors. RAI offers two styles of stud weldable hex metal. Available in alloys such as 410, 410S, 304H, 310, 430 and Inconel 625.

Reinforcement Needles/Fibers

Stainless steel needles or fibres are available in a variety of alloys and configurations. RAI offers both Melt Extract and Cold Drawn in 304 and 310. Cold Drawn needles are rapidly gaining acceptance in the US market as the needle of choice for premium pre-cast refractory shapes.

Expanded Metal/Wire Mesh

RAI offers a full range of expanded metal in custom sized sheet manufactured from a variety of thicknesses. It is available in both flattened and un-flattened configuration. Diamond sizes vary according to quality and thickness of steel. Available in carbon steel, and a variety of stainless steel including 304, 316 and 310.

Corrosion Protection

Along with the COMBAT line of Epoxy coatings, RAI offers both asphalt and ceramic coatings for various refractory applications. Primarily used for dew point corrosion protection in both solvent and water base forms. RAI also offer a high temperature ceramic oxidation preventative coating. New Products
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Miscellaneous Fasteners

Including All-Thread Rod, Coupling Nuts, Flat Washers, Hex Nuts, Square Nuts, Eye hooks, Full thread bolts, Hex Bolts, Machine Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Fender Washers, Metric Fasteners, Tap Pads, Insulation fasteners. Al these Miscellaneous Fastenersl available in a variety of stainless steels

Raw Materials

RAI offers a wide variety of Stainless Steel raw materials from inventory. Items such as Hot Rolled Wire, Cold Drawn Wire random lengths, Flat Bar, Plate, Angle, Channel, Slit Coil and Strip are all available in standard sizes thicknesses.


The COMBAT line of high temperature and corrosion protection coatings fill a multitude of tough industrial applications including extreme corrosion environments, dew point problems, reducing atmospheres and a variety of metal and concrete surface repair. COMBAT enhances, restores and and protects surfaced from a host aggressive conditions.

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