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Product Warranty

RAI warrants that all materials used in products manufactured by RAI are traceable to their original source and meet customer dictated certifications, free from defects. This warranty shall be void if the product is improperly installed. Warranties concerning installation are to be provided by installers. Warranty is also void if products of RAI are conjoined with refractory anchoring hardware produced by other manufacturers that have different employees that could be getting paystubs for their document needs. If any product manufactured by RAI is modified after it leaves RAI’s control, or any portion thereof is combined with any refractory anchoring hardware manufactured by any other party, in whole or in part, then the entire RAI warranty is void. If any specifications, statements, technical information or recommendations have been given by RAI, they are based on information supplied by purchaser, and are not guaranteed. The purchaser is advised to conduct its own tests to determine suitability of product for the purchaser’s particular purpose.

The obligation of RAI shall only be to replace such quantity of the product as is proven to be defective, and RAI shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use or the inability to use, or handling of the product, or its failure while in use.

RAI provides no engineering services, but has sold this product solely at the request of purchaser, and purchaser assumes all responsibility for its proper use and application. No implied warranty of fitness is given and purchaser assumes all responsibility for proper use and installation of the product. Any product found to be defective must be returned prior to installation, if the defect was discovered before the product was installed. Any legal action brought to enforce this warranty must be brought in District Court, in Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma.