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3 Ways Refractory Anchors Can Protect Your Equipment

When it comes to machines that utilize extreme levels of heat to function, such as reactors in a power plant, the materials used to build that machine need to remain stable when containing massive levels of heat. Many of these machines and vessels that store these large amounts of heat are made from concrete or specific metals that are designed to maintain them, all the way down to the smallest, seemingly insignificant pieces. But how important are refractory anchors, really?

1. Reinforces Walls

With a refractory anchor, whether is it a metal or ceramic anchor, the implementation of it inside the wall of a machine will reinforce it. Similar to the cabling that concrete contractors will layer inside concrete, refractory anchors provide a similar level of reinforcement inside the walls of your machinery. When faced with a faulty system, having a refractory anchor in your machinery walls will help protect it from any damage that may be imposed upon it.

2. Stabilizes Against Heat

One of the biggest concerns that come with machinery made to withstand massive amounts of heat is if the heat will overpower the system. Many systems say they are created to withstand heat, but when exposed to high levels of it, cease to function properly. When faced with a collapsing machine wall, having a refractory anchor installed will stabilize the wall against the heat until it can be properly fixed. In general, having a metal or ceramic anchor in the walls of your machinery will reinforce it and stabilize it against all types of wear and tear, heat included. Having your machinery’s walls last longer than expected due to a simple refractory anchor will be worth the investment.

3. Supports Extra Weight

Refractory anchors already work toward keeping the walls of your equipment stable against heat, but they also support extra weight that may be applied to your machinery. When the refractory weight increases, a refractory anchor will be your best friend. Built to withstand the extra weight, this simple tool will protect your machinery from damage caused by the extra refractory weight.

According to New Equipment Digest, 40% of failures in the refractory lining can be attributed to a problem with the anchor design. Luckily, Refractory Anchors Inc’s products are made with the highest quality, high temperature-resistant metal alloys, and other materials, like ceramic anchors. If you are looking for high-quality products and services, our team is here for you. Contact Refractory Anchors Inc today for more information about our custom products.