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Here’s How Castable Anchors Work

In the manufacturing industry, objects are frequently placed inside an industrial furnace for a variety of reasons. It’s important to have fasteners that can withstand the heat. Here’s how castable anchors, which can look like a thin piece of twisted wire, work.

Their Purpose

Castable anchors play a major part in the industrial firing process, especially when it comes to a large-scale industrial furnace or another piece of similar equipment. There are several things that the anchors do. They keep the refractory from falling into the furnace and prevent any buckling of the wall from the internal temperatures, and they hold the load of the refractory weight.


According to New Equipment Digest, many refractory engineers and designers have a preference when it comes to refractory linings with metallic anchor systems: Class III austenitic stainless-steel anchors. They can range in grade from AISI 305, 309, and 310, which can withstand a temperature range of 1700-2000 degrees Fahrenheit. These anchors are made of chromium and nickel.

If it turns out that the temperatures are going to be higher, then they may elect to use castable anchors made with AISI 330 or Inconel 601 to withstand that heat. These have more nickel in them.


It’s important that the anchors are both designed and installed properly. Otherwise, the refractory lining can fail and that will cause a lot of problems, including major safety issues. That’s why extra care has to be taken when performing these steps. The engineers who do this also need to know how close the anchor will be to the hot face of the refractory. Typically speaking, it shouldn’t be more than two inches. This is very necessary when it comes to thicker linings, which are more than 6″ to 7″.

Another thing that comes into play is knowing the temperature gradient. That will help you know what anchor size you will need. The best way to do that is to use a heat loss calculator.

Castable anchors play a big part in manufacturing. Do you need castable anchors for your manufacturing needs? Contact our team at Refractory Anchors Inc today! We can help you decide which anchor best fits your needs. We’re proud to be one of the top refractory anchor manufacturers in North America.