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Refactory and Castable Anchors: Design and Engineering

Refractory and castable anchors help refractory linings stay in place in items that get extremely hot, including boilers and kilns. The anchor helps to hold the refractory lining in place, while also preventing it from falling in. Castable anchors are the most common type of anchor used, and each cast is specifically designed for the manufacturer. This is because there are many differences between the various types of anchors that are available. Here are some of the different factors that need to be customized.

The Size of Castable Anchors

According to New Equipment Digest, anchor tips should not be more than two inches away from the hot face of the refractory. Anchors can expand if they heat up, which can lead to problems with the refractory lining they’re placed in. This is why they need to be placed a reasonable distance from the heat. As such, the size of castable anchors needs to be customized to help ensure that they are not too close to the refractory.

The Shape of Castable Anchors

Another reason why castable anchors need to be customized is that the shape of the anchors that are needed can vary. Anchors may be straight, have a bend or curve to them, and can be U-shaped or V-shaped. The shape of the anchor that is needed can vary based on the lining that you’re using. Additionally, some companies prefer to use multiple-shaped anchors for one project. Straight anchors are usually perfect for the middle of the lining, while U or V-shaped anchors work well along the top and bottom of the lining.

The Material the Anchor is Made From

The last reason why anchors need to be customized is that they can be made from many different materials. Some of these materials include alloy metals, Inconel, stainless steel, and ceramic materials. Ultimately, you and the design company need to work together to determine what material your anchors should be made from based on the elements the anchor is exposed to, including heat temperature and environmental factors.

Castable anchors need to be customized to work for your needs. Our team can help you customize the anchors you need while ensuring the design works perfectly for your specific industry. Reach out to us today at Refractory Anchors Inc to begin the process of creating your own cast for your castable anchors.