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The Importance of Refractory Anchors

The importance of the high temperature anchor. Refractory anchors are a high temperature anchor. They are vital because they are designed to affix refractory material to a refractory wall. Refractory anchors are made of materials that endure intense temperatures. Most of their purpose lies in their ability to prevent the wall from buckling due to high temperatures. When choosing a refractory anchor, you must select the right one for your project. Sizing the anchor height to be 75-85% through the main dense castable or gunned lining is common practice, according to Heat Treat Today.


What are the Different Types of Refractory Anchors?


There are four different types of refractory anchors. Refractory anchors are made of ceramic, stainless steel, Inconel alloys, or other alloy materials. All these materials are selected because of their resistance to intense heat, but you should choose carefully when looking for a refractory anchor. A refractory anchor must be a high temperature anchor and sized properly for the project. Stainless steel and ceramic are best for the highest temperatures.


Why Are Refractory Anchors Important?


Refractory anchors are important because they stabilize the refractory material affixed to the system wall. Without a refractory anchor, the inside of a refractory could buckle due to the intensity of the heat. By installing refractory anchors, the wall is given the support it needs to remain erect even in intense temperatures because the refractory anchor isolates the high temperatures from the system wall.


Refractory Anchors Are Used in Many Businesses’ Production Processes


Arguably ALL businesses that participate in the production or use hardware rely on the use of refractory anchors in their production process. Any product that uses high temperatures during its production process will require refractory anchors. Without the use of refractory anchors in production processes, high temperature processes will certainly fail.


Final Thoughts


Almost all hardware production all over the world will rely on high temperature processes. These processes require “systems” that utilize refractory anchors. These anchors are specially designed and are made from specific materials based on the product being fabricated. Although the average person is not familiar with refractory anchors, a world without them would hardly be possible today.